April 2008

What to look for when investing in a private business or start-up

Posted by on April 29, 2008 in Investment Strategy

One of the positive developments of any economic downturn is the number of businesses which are started; young college graduates cannot find work and start a new business, laid-off employees use this as an opportunity to scratch their entrepreneurial itch and some find themselves as accidental entrepreneurs as a way to survive the downturn. Correspondingly, [...]

Is net worth the true value of wealth?

Posted by on April 28, 2008 in Misc.

Million Dollar Journey posted in December of last year a comparison of the listed net worths of bloggers and it is still generating comments! If nothing else, it shows our natural curiosity (or our innate sense of nosiness) on how much people make or are worth. But, as is often commented on by others, net [...]

The most important lines in your tax return…

Posted by on April 25, 2008 in Taxes

I filed my taxes on Wednesday. Perhaps, influenced by blogging, this was the first year I truly looked at my tax return closely above and beyond looking at the refund or payment line on the last page of the return. Reading the last page of the tax return is akin to buying a book and [...]

Are credit unions different than banks?

Posted by on April 24, 2008 in Investment Information

Nancy aka the money coach is a regular contribution on this blog. As a newly minted insider to the credit union world, I am more than happy for her to discuss what exactly a credit union is, how a credit union is regulated, the social responsibility of credit unions and what the difference is between [...]

Cutting a good deal when you get laid off

Posted by on April 23, 2008 in Misc.

There’s an inside joke among lawyers that you basically have to set your workplace on fire before your employer has cause to fire you – and, even then, there’s no certainty that may happen! The point being that, in this day and age, employment law for most white-collar workers is quite employee friendly. However, because [...]

One Family’s Personal Finance Tale: April Edition

Posted by on April 22, 2008 in Uncategorized

Our regular columnist, Mom2KG, is back for this month’s updates on what’s happening with her family on the finance front. This month she needs your help! Please read on and provide any comments, suggestions or encouragement. Thanks. Hello readers. This month I have to report on a huge setback that occurred over the last few [...]

Investing Advice by George Costanza?

Posted by on April 21, 2008 in Misc.

Yesterday was the first anniversary of this blog. Kinda. I actually pre-wrote a bunch of posts and quietly posted them on blogger as a soft launch before an official unveiling on this site last year. Since I took down the blogger site, my recollection of the official launch date of this blog is hazy at [...]

Inside the World of Mortgages

Posted by on April 17, 2008 in Investment Information

Welcome to the latest edition of my insider’s conversation series. The goal of this series is to speak to insider in a particular industry and get their viewpoints from within the industry. Our last insider took us inside the world of hedge funds. Today, we are joined by Melanie McLister from Mortgage Architects who has [...]

What the boss thinks…

Posted by on April 16, 2008 in Misc.

I noticed a lot of articles recently on finding a job, interviewing and doing more to make your job secure. Many of them are written from human resource consultants and offer great tips but does anyone ever ask what the boss thinks? I am currently a boss of three people. In the past, I have [...]

What the P2P lending industry doesn’t want you to know: of Lending Club and Prosper

Posted by on April 15, 2008 in Misc.

Last week, Four Pillars emailed me on my business trip to inform me that Lending Club stopped accepting new loans while it registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the regulatory body that governs all aspects of selling securities in the U.S. This set off wide speculation in the blogging world ranging from Lending [...]