Frequently asked severance questions

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I get more emails about severance and employee rights than any other topic (I am using the term severance in its non-legal sense).  These questions typically fall under several categories. I often receive questions from employees who worked at now bankrupt employers. I have previously posted on the topic of employee rights when their employers [...]

Gone fishing

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There will be no posts this week. Enjoy the week.

The Role of Technology and Innovation in Personal Finance

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Rob Carrick recently reported on the integration issues of Bank of Nova Scotia with E*Trade which has caused several issues with account errors and periodic access problems. Carrick’s article highlights are larger point. What should be the role of technology and financial innovation- mainly in the investment of newly created investment vehicles- in personal finance? [...]

Holiday savings and holiday scams

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This is my last week of blogging for the year. Thus, although there are still 10 shopping days left until Christmas,  I wanted to share a few final holiday shopping tips and holiday scams to avoid. Holiday Money Saving Tips Cash vs. Gift Cards. It used to be considered tacky in North American culture to [...]

Book review and giveaway: The Secret Language of Money

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How we react to many day-to-day situations is instinctive. When we run for the bus, our body sends oxygen to our legs. If we feel stress, adrenaline is produced to bring about a fight or flight response. If we disinterested in the conversation at hand, we cross our arms and avoid eye contact. Given that [...]

500 posts! Free stuff!

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TMW has reached 500 posts! A special thanks for all of you who read daily, the other bloggers who link to my posts, advertisers and people who have given my tips and suggestions. As a token of thanks, I am giving away one copy of Kerry Taylor’s (aka Squawkfox to the blogging world) 397 ways [...]

No post today

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Just a reminder to enter for the draw by posting a comment on my Nuru Personal Finance card review. Thanks.

Friday odds and ends

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I usually don’t post on Fridays given my tendancy to be wantonly lazy on the last work day of the week but there’s always a surge of new readers in the new year and I wanted to systemically highlight some blogs which I read but perhaps do not comment or link to that often- not [...]

Top 10 Investing Mistakes

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This week is my last week of blogging for the year. I am taking the last two weeks off to, well, do nothing really. Sometimes getting couch ass is good for the soul. I wanted to spend the rest of the week as a year-end wrap-up beginning with the top 10 investing mistakes as so [...]

Fortis: welcome to the future?

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Fortis Inc. (not to be confused with the merchant bank of the same name) is a publicly traded utility with gas and electricity plants across North America.  As with most utilities, its profits are predictable since the rates they can charge customers are mostly regulated and it sells a good which is a necessity of [...]